Women Hair Dye

MRP 150.00

Fine tips:
1. Before going in with the paste, brush out your hair to make sure there are no tangles pr knot in your tresses.
2. Put on an old rough cloth or t shirt and a pair or disposable or plastic gloves to avoid staining your hand and hails specially.
3. Separates your hair into multiple sections and start applying the dye, layer on the paste with a dry brush.

• Mix into a fine paste
• Apply it to your hair as per the length and dense of the hair
• Let it rest for 45mins to 1 hr
• Rinse with normal water
• If required use MyGoodness 5 IN 1 Organic Shampoo.

• Enhance natural hair color
• Helps to fight off scalp conditions like dandruff
• Makes hair look healthy and shiny
• Act like a hair protein powder which helps to growth the hair
• Extremely a good conditioner for hair
• Nourishes hair follicles and hair shaft

May vary from Hair to Hair, Use the Correct requirement of hair dye and standard application is always recommended.

1.Store in cool & dry place
2.For external use only
3.Use hair brush for even look.

There are many who like to experiment with colors for their hair to make it look natural, trendy, fashionable and younger. Women Hair Dye is especially crafted for women to maintain their look with natural goodness of certified organic herbs like aloevera, amla, basil, henna, jojoba, coffee beans, wheat germ, shikakai powder, aritha powder, neem powder, hibiscus powder.
The natural blends of dye offers 100% black color to the hair in a single application, which last from 5 to 15 hair wash.
Our hair dye free from Lead, Ammonia,Ppd, Hydrogen Peroxide(Bleach) And Other Harmful Dye Chemicals.
It restores the health of the hair, making them smooth and shiny.

Every piece is a creation of our own formulations with pure handmade with care, no any automatic machineries are used, they may be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws, so you might find slight changes in color and size of the product from the picture shown.

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