Lightening & Brightening Night Cream

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The natural star ingredients which helps, Saffron- super ability to fight acne and blemishes effectively, also treats and clear acne -pores skin, improves skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E- great antioxidant, helps and protect cells from damages , maintain skin health, reducing UV damages to the skin,
Vitamin C- boost collagen(helps the skin from sagging) it keeps the skin plump and firm, prevents the premature aging of the skin, smooth appearance to the skin, Olive oil- rich in vitamin and antioxidant helps to improved skin moisture, anti aging effects, relief from sun damages, Almond oil- helps dissolve excess oil on the skin, helps reverse sun damages, Jojoba oil- anti inflammatory properties helps to keep the skin calm and comfortable, repairs the skin damages,
Shea butter- boost skin moisture, soothe skin problems, heals cuts and scrapes, very good anti aging properties. Cocoa butter- rich in anti oxidant which helps fight free radical damages that can cause aging and dullness Niacinamide- brightening skin tone and texture its stable vitamin which helps the skin hydrated, treats hyperpigmentation ,promotes skin elasticity, fighting free radicals, also help strengthen the natural skin barrier reduce the look of wrinkles , Honey- fight against acne and open your pores and get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.
Orange essential oil- natural cleanser to deeply purify the skin, and its rich source of vitamin c boost collagen in the skin. Rose essential oil- reduce redness and puffiness, great ingredient to promote a youthful complexion. avocado oil- calm itchiness, heals chapped and damage skin, shield skin from UV rays, protect against skin damage

Ideal for men’s women’s, teenagers, pregnant women’s
Not only day cream, night cream is one of the super product to heal and shine your skin. It does soothe and hydrate your skin after a long day, and helps to induce repair by amplifying cell turnover. It protect against the elements of pollution, dryness, damages, cold, heat, UV rays etc… our LIGHTENING AND BRIGHTENING NIGHT CREAM are better focused on the reconstruction process on your skin.

Every piece is a creation of our own formulations with pure handmade with care, no any automatic machineries are used, they may be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws, so you might find slight changes in color and size of the product from the picture shown

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